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Kazhakuttom is one of the most important place in the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. Kazhakuttom is having very much historical importance. To reach kazhakuttom, you only need to travel 17 kms from the heart of Trivandrum city. Eventhough only a few trains stops here, almost all main northernbound buses stops here since N.H. 47 road runs through kazhakuttom. Kazhakuttom first gained importance in the map of India by the founding of V.S.S.C. (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre). The biggest IT park in India is situated at Kazhakuttom. Now Kazhakuttom has became the I.T. hub of Kerala.
There are a lot of churches, mosques and temples at kazhakuttom. The Kazhakuttom Mahadeva temple is an one thousand year old Shiva temple which is one of the main attractions of Kazhakuttom. There is not much for tourists in Kazhakuttom, but it is a center for education and business.
Kazhakuttom have a postoffice with pincode 695582 and is a ward belonging to Thiruvananthapuram Corporation. There is a Sub Registrar's Office also at Kazhakuttom.
In Kazhakuttom.net you can browse though our business listing to find service providers for your need. Latest local news and events will also be published.

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07 Dec

ഗുണ്ടാപിരിവ് നൽകാത്തതിന് അക്രമം;നിരവധി പേർക്ക് വെട്ടേറ്റു:സംഭവം കഠിനംകുളം പുത്തൻതോപ്പിൽ.

കഴക്കൂട്ടം: കഠിനംകുളം പുത്തൻ തോപ്പിൽ പട്ടാപ്പകൽ നടന്ന ഗുണ്ടാ ആക്രമണത്തി ...
07 Dec

പൊ​ലീ​സ്​ യൂ​ണിഫോ​മി​ല്‍ വ​നി​താ എ​സ്.​ഐ​യു​ടെ സേ​വ്​ ദി ​ഡേ​റ്റ്​ ഫോ​​ട്ടോ ഷൂ​ട്ട് വിവാദമായി.

കോ​ഴി​ക്കോ​ട്: പൊ​ലീ​സ്​ യൂ​ണിഫോ​മി​ൽ വ​നി​താ എ​സ്.​ഐ​യു​ടെ സേ​വ്​ ദി ​ ...

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