<p>A meeting had been held at 'Aashaan Smarakam', Mangalapuram by a social forum named Highway Action forum, against the state government&rsquo;s land acquisition plans for road widening.&nbsp;&nbsp; State government is going forward with the plan for acquiring land in 45 meter width. The action forum accused the current planning to be impractical. The forum pushes for reducing the 45 meters to 30 meters, and also opposed the privatisation and the toll system which is to be implemented. They also recommend reworking on the proposed alignment. Against the neo-liberalisation, they mentioned to embark demonstrations with huge public gatherings.&nbsp;</p> <p>Highway Action forum State Vice-President Shajer khan, Mukunda Rajan, E.K.Rasheed, Rajeev Kallambalam, Shivadasan Nair, Balakrishnan Nair, Aashaan Smarakam Directorboard member Jaleel, and Nisamudeen were present in the meeting.</p>